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FS BRICK 27A Fire Stop Product

The Alva-Tech Firestop Brick is a flexible intumescent foam material in the shape of a brick. This brick is ideal for sealing large or small openings that may need to be re-penetrated. On exposure to flame and heat expansion begins to occur at temperatures between 400ºF – 450ºF ( 204ºC – 232ºC ) to seal off existing openings and form a solid char.


The Alva-Tech Firestop Brick can be installed easily in such openings as cable or cable tray penetrations. The openings to be firestopped should be clean and free of any dirt, grease or loose particles. The bricks should be packed tightly in the annular space filling all voids. The firestop brick may be cut to allow for tight fits between the penetrating items and the openings. Actual installation should be in accordance with the appropriate test application.

Physical Properties

Color:Black or Reddish Brown
Dimensions:2″ x 5″ x 8″ +/- 1/8", (51mm x 127mm x 203mm +/- 3mm)
Density (gr/cm3):.274 +/- .03
Minimum Weight:320 grams
Expansion Begins:400ºF – 450ºF, ( 204ºC – 232ºC )
Volume Expansion:3 – 4 times @ 500ºF – 600ºF ( 260ºC – 316ºC )

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