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Which intumescent products expand at a lower temperature? The graphite or non-graphite based?
The non-graphite based products will begin to expand at lower temperatures. Generally they start at 250°F (122°C). The graphite based products start expanding at about 350°F (177°C.)

Which products will generate more volume during expansion at temperatures over 500°F (260°C).
The graphite based products will produce greater free expansion volumes over 500°F

At what temperature will the graphite based products stop expanding?
The graphite based products will expand when exposed to temperatures up to 900°F or 1652°F

Which products exert more pressure while expanding?
The graphite-based products typically create greater pressure at higher temperatures.

When a graphite material expands in a confined area what happens?
Typically, if there is Intumescent material to completely fill an area it will continually expand and compacting to form a dense barrier.

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