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FBS 10 NH Fire Stop Product

The Alva-Tech FBS-10NH intumescent sheet is a graphite based flexible elastomeric material. When exposed to temperatures above 350ºF (177ºC) this highly intumescent material will absorb heat and begin to expand. Substantial expansion will occur at temperatures above 450ºF (232ºC) and will continue to 1000ºF (538ºC). As the temperature increases this material rapidly expands to seal off openings. It will create an insulating char to retard the spreading of flames and to control temperature increases.


The Alva-Tech FBS-10NH sheet can be tested for use in any application where rapid high volume intumescense is required to stop the spread of flames and temperature increases. As temperatures rise this intumescent material generates significant pressure and in a confined area this material will compact and form a dense char. This material may be suitable for use in such applications as wall and floor penetrations, fire door seals, poke-thru fittings, joints, boxes and enclosures and as a cable wrap. Actual installation should be in accordance with the appropriate test application.

Physical Properties

Color:Black elastomeric material with a polyethylene film
Dimensions:1/16 - 3″ thick x 12′ long. Other dimensions based on customer requirements.
Density (gr/cm3):N/A
Minimum Weight:N/A
Expansion Begins:350ºF - 450ºF, (177ºC - 232ºC)
Free Volume Expansion:80-100 X @ 500ºF

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